SPANISH 2nd language

Spanish, with Mexican pronunciation

Hi, thanks for choosing study Spanish in CEducador.

I’m Gilda, your Spanish teacher if you decide to start with me in a course face-to-face. I’m professional, post graduated educator, specialized in teaching Spanish as a second language with years of experience, so I know where to start and how to help you during your learning process.

In each lesson you find exercises simulating real-life situations, you learn about every day life, different aspects of culture, about pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar since an intercultural point of view where you can be yourself while learning about new language and cultures that use it.

Most of all, you have the opportunity to listen the Mexican variation of Spanish, but Spanish is as diverse as its people, so you could also learn about different variations of the language: pronunciation, vocabulary, culture and the way we use it.

Even do you can learn about all this, each lesson is completely customized for private sessions according to your needs an learning style.

I hope you enjoy your lessons!


Gilda Muñoz, Phd